M’o Il Gelato

M’O Il Gelato was born from a dream. It’s a story that started with a couple of friends who came from vastly different backgrounds but shared a mutual passion for gelato. Real gelato, that is. Gelato that is rich and creamy, made “like it used to be”—or even better. But when they looked around, they realized the real thing was hard to find. So in May, 2011, they opened the first M’O gelateria in Nolita, in New York City.

Top quality starts with the best ingredients, carefully sourced, completely natural, and whenever possible, local and seasonal. Why? Because fresh and organic simply tastes better. It’s also better for you and better for our world. But top-notch ingredients are only the first step. They need to be supplemented with constant research, innovation, and flawless execution in order to create a gelato where those fantastic ingredients, bursting with flavor, can always shine through. Top quality ingredients and unmatched technique are what set M’O Il Gelato apart from crowd. Come and have a taste, and we’re sure you’ll agree. M’O Il gelato is 100% natural.
No artificial flavorings, colorings, preservatives, or emulsifier are added.


Open 8am-9pm daily | (646) 678-3231
353 W. 14th St, NYC, NY 10014
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